Annual Homecoming Blood Drive


The Appalachian Homecoming Blood Drive is such a beautiful event year after year. People show up in droves to give of themselves so that others have a chance to heal. We heard incredible stories from donors & volunteers, & we truly appreciate every person who joined us today to collect 1,265 pints of blood! Special thanks to the American Red Cross and our INCREDIBLE student committee that made today possible.

Thousands of lives were impacted today by our dedicated and caring Mountaineers! 

Enjoy this article from the High Country Press about Appalachian's big success!

Check out this article by The Appalachian Online about the 8th Annual Homecoming Blood Drive!

For the record: our day's progress...

199 pints at 10am
277 pints at 11am
433 pints at 2pm
621 pints at 3pm, we're officially half way there!
702 pints at 4pm
820 pints at 5pm
918 pints at 6pm, 75% of the way there!
1057 pints at 7pm, almost there...
Final count:1,265 pints!

Learn more about the FDA Ban on blood donation &

sign the petition to BAN THE BAN!


Here's one Appalachian student's story about how every donor makes a difference...

Karson, Appalachian State University '15 from Kate Johnson on Vimeo.

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Sponsored by the American Red Cross and ACT