Donor Information

Thank you for your interest in donating blood! See below for Information about donor eligibility from the Red Cross.

To donate at the ASU 1,200 Pint Homecoming Blood Drive, you will need to:

  • Check the links below to make sure you are eligible to donate (if you are not, you can still volunteer!)
  • Find a time between 7:45 AM and 6:45 PM on the day of the drive, Wednesday September 24th, you can commit to donating. You can expect the donation process, from check-in to check-out, to take about 2 hours for regular donation and 2.5 hours for doubles donation.
  • Confirm your registration via email within 1 hour (or your appointment will be dropped). Save your confirmation email as a record of what time slot you signed up for.
  • Please double check your schedule before registering! If you have to change your appointment time you can email and we will do our best to accommodate your request but it will depend on time slot availability. So make sure you sign up for the right time the first time so you aren't left without an appointment!
  • Get plenty of rest, eat lots of iron-rich foods, and stay well-hydrated (drink lots of non caffeinated and non alcoholic beverages)
  • On the day of the blood drive, eat a hearty meal (you should feel full) before you come to donate
  • Come to the Holmes Convocation Center at your scheduled time (this enables us to keep things running smoothly). Check in and make sure to bring your photo ID!
  • Donors will use the North West Entrance (on corner of Holmes Drive and Rivers Street) and Volunteers, SUPER Volunteers, and Entertainment will use the North East Entrance (corner of Rivers Street and 321/Blowing Rock Road)
  • Check out (check out stations will be located on the floor of the Holmes Center) to get your free T-shirt and earn homecoming points for your club or organization (it also helps us get an accurate count of volunteers and donors for future planning)
  • Wear your shirt on Friday (Friday September 26th) with the other donors, volunteers, and people who helped make this blood drive successful!

Also, visit these quick-links for information on:

Donor eligibility

Double Donor eligibility

Tattoos (scroll down for tattoo info)

International travel: if your question is not answered by info in link provided, call 866-236-3276

Other common questions

Tips for donation

If you still have questions, please contact

Thanks for donating, and we'll see you on Wednesday, September 24th!