Homecoming History

What is Homecoming?

Homecoming is an old American college tradition for which the current students of an
institution select a king and queen and create spirit displays, floats, and banners designed to promote school spirit and to welcome the alumni back to campus. It’s usually the most festive event of the fall and a chance for clubs and organizations to band together to welcome and thank alumni for both “paving the way” and for their generosity in supporting their alma mater in multiple ways which benefit today’s students. Most Homecoming displays make good natured fun of the opposing school and its mascot.


Appalachian has celebrated the Homecoming tradition for as long as anyone can remember. The modern version of our Homecoming traditions began in 1996 when Chancellor Borkowski appointed a campus wide committee to bring unity and coordination to the multiple events sponsored every year by Alumni Affairs, Student Programs, Athletics, SGA, APPS, RHA, ACT, NPHC, Ambassadors, and others. You may even notice a little extra gold on campus at the Homecoming Football Game. Each year, the homecoming committee selects a theme for homecoming. Today's events consist of a banner contest, a parade, a lip-sync contest, the annual Blood Drive, and the half-time crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen.


Appalachian’s Homecoming Committee strives to involve all student organizations in the various contests and events of Homecoming. Prize money and certificates are awarded to groups in multiple contests. Homecoming participation gives groups a common goal, builds team unity, promotes school spirit and pride in ASU and reminds our opponents that Appalachian is #1, both on and off the field. Our goal is to have every club, organization, Hall Council, Fraternity, Sorority, etc., compete in at least one of the major contests sponsored by the Homecoming Committee.